Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Breaking News: Bourgeois Businessmen Pleased With Government That Protects Their Interests

The NZ Herald today published three articles today about the opinions of New Zealand's biggest CEOs (read: fattest cats) on the current political landscape. In a startling turn of events, it turns out that they're scared of the Greens, they don't approve of David Shearer, and they're pleased with Bill English. Wow, I'd never have guessed that the richest members of the managerial class of this country would have held those opinions! What puzzles me is that none of these articles give any indication that this is exactly what we would expect, it's almost like the Herald writers want their readers to get the impression that this is some kind of important revelation. Newsflash, it's not. In fact, any alternative scenario would actually be surprising, and would indeed be newsworthy.

Let's travel back in time a few centuries and imagine the equivalent headlines in aristocratic terms. "Landed Aristocrats Disapprove of Peasant's Democratic Movement". "Lords Pleased With Economy as Common People Starve". It doesn't take a genius to see the gulf between the opinions these CEOs and the state of affairs ordinary citizens are living with. Inequality is rising in New Zealand, and those few who are benefiting from the shift are given ample space in our largest newspaper to let us all know how wonderful it is. It sounds cynical, but that's what we seem to be dealing with here.

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