Thursday, March 29, 2012

Judge says POAL Might be in Breach of Employment Law

The judge handling the court case between the Maritime Union and the Ports of Auckland has said that the Ports might be in breach of the Employment Relations Act. This is good news for the workers, but I fear the battle is not over yet. Despite lifting the lockout notice and caving in on paying workers who were illegally locked out, the Port is still going to the media saying that MUNZ need to allow them to manage the port in a "modern" way. It's strange what these people see as modern is what others see as archaic. What is so anti-modern about guaranteed work hours and a living wage? I think the Port are trying to present themselves to the public as being open to negotiation by conceding these things, but still won't participate in good faith bargaining when it comes to the terms of employment for the workers. Call me a cynic, but I think it's far from over yet.

Auckland Port Board's Director Quits

The director of the board for the Ports of Auckland, Rob Campbell has just quit citing differences of views among the board members. What could the possible implications of this be? Are we going to see a swing into more hard-line union-busting? Campbell himself was a former unionist, so I'm really not sure what to expect next. I personally think the council should sack the entire board and appoint a new one, filled with people who have the best interests of the city and its people at heart, rather than ideological union-busting at all costs.

Aotearoa Is NOT For Sale Protest March

On Saturday the 28th of April there is going to be a protest march in Auckland against the asset sales the New Zealand government is planning. It is now only 4 weeks away and it needs to be big, so we can send a loud and clear message that we don't want our future being sold out from under our feet. So tell all your friends and family to come along, it will be a family friendly event and there will probably be a concert happening at the end of the march. There is also a Hikoi that is making its way down the North Island all the way to Wellington and it is coming through Auckland for this march. On the 28th there will also be demonstrations in Wellington and in Nelson.Relevant links below.

Facebook event page for the march in Auckland
Facebook event page for the march in Wellington
Facebook event page for the march in Nelson
Facebook page for updates on the march
Facebook event page for the Hikoi

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Volatile Times Ahead

Here in New Zealand we are being faced with an absolute onslaught of a far-right political agenda by a government that has been largely seen by the public as moderate. Just recently we have seen Union-busting efforts by politically appointed Port boards. We are faced with state asset sales, legislation severely eroding privacy and civil rights has been passed. Public sector jobs have been slashed and many government departments are being 'restructured' in moves which put more power in the hands of Stephen Joyce. Welfare is being slashed, and solo parents with children over 1 year old are being pressured to go into work (despite there being no jobs available). Education is also under attack, the government is trying to put in place a schooling system that has failed elsewhere and trying to bring in charter schools. Healthcare is also under attack, the government had originally intended on privatising the accident compensation scheme but have thankfully backed down.

Without sounding all doom and gloom, these are volatile times ahead.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Small Victories For The Wharfies

The Ports of Auckland (POAL) workers have made some headway into their legal battle against their employer today. The Maritime Union (MUNZ) has accepted an offer from the Port's Management to back-pay the workers that they have illegally locked out of work since the 22nd. The offer was made during their hearing at the employment court. I'm a bit hesitant to declare outright victory yet, as MUNZ had won a legal injunction against the POAL last week, and had called off their stike which had lasted 4 weeks, then the next day the POAL management illegally locked them out of work citing bogus health and safety risks. I'm half expecting Gibson and co to pull another dirty tactic, further damaging the port.

Bomber at TUMEKE! thinks that Tony Gibson should be arrested for crimes against the economy and I agree. This man has not only put the POAL in a terrible financial position with his ideologically driven union-busting agenda but has put pressure on thousands of other businesses in Auckland and nation-wide by crippling imports

Monday, March 26, 2012

Straight Up Socialist

I've started this blog as an avenue for my political musings, as I find my current blog 'Undeniably Atheist' is a somewhat inappropriate venue for the inevitable onslaught of my radical left-wing views across the internet. I'll probably post as infrequently as I currently do on my other blog, but the content will be coherent between the two as I'll be dividing my interests allowing URL lines. Expect to see content relating to political activism, environmentalist, socialism, protests, union movements and so forth here, and any content relating to irreligion and religion over there.