Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Small Victories For The Wharfies

The Ports of Auckland (POAL) workers have made some headway into their legal battle against their employer today. The Maritime Union (MUNZ) has accepted an offer from the Port's Management to back-pay the workers that they have illegally locked out of work since the 22nd. The offer was made during their hearing at the employment court. I'm a bit hesitant to declare outright victory yet, as MUNZ had won a legal injunction against the POAL last week, and had called off their stike which had lasted 4 weeks, then the next day the POAL management illegally locked them out of work citing bogus health and safety risks. I'm half expecting Gibson and co to pull another dirty tactic, further damaging the port.

Bomber at TUMEKE! thinks that Tony Gibson should be arrested for crimes against the economy and I agree. This man has not only put the POAL in a terrible financial position with his ideologically driven union-busting agenda but has put pressure on thousands of other businesses in Auckland and nation-wide by crippling imports

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