Thursday, March 29, 2012

Aotearoa Is NOT For Sale Protest March

On Saturday the 28th of April there is going to be a protest march in Auckland against the asset sales the New Zealand government is planning. It is now only 4 weeks away and it needs to be big, so we can send a loud and clear message that we don't want our future being sold out from under our feet. So tell all your friends and family to come along, it will be a family friendly event and there will probably be a concert happening at the end of the march. There is also a Hikoi that is making its way down the North Island all the way to Wellington and it is coming through Auckland for this march. On the 28th there will also be demonstrations in Wellington and in Nelson.Relevant links below.

Facebook event page for the march in Auckland
Facebook event page for the march in Wellington
Facebook event page for the march in Nelson
Facebook page for updates on the march
Facebook event page for the Hikoi

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